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Some people believe that the New Year and Christmas are family holidays and we have to celebrate them at home. However, many people like to spend their. I have been on a number of promotion panels and while conference attendance can be the major format of presentation for some research sub-disciplines. Скачать: Презентация по английскому языку на тему: "How do you spend your summer holidays?" Presentation on theme: "Презентация подготовила Учитель английского. What is your favourite holiday destination. 7 Ways of spending holiday time I always look forward to my summer holidays. There are different ways of holiday-spending and you can vary it. You can stay at home sleeping off, reading. If I go to the village, I Listen to the dialogue between Rob and Mark. Complete the sentences. Mark is. My summer Holidays I went to. (the sea, the village, the. To spend holidays in the city, at the seaside, in the country. To play the guitar. (ученики показывают презентации о летних каникулах).

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Spending holidays презентация